Music & Grading Committee


The ACPBA Music & Grading Committee is concerned with adjudicator certification, education, contest rules & regulations, solo and band grading, the promotion of high standard piping and drumming in Atlantic Canada, and more.  The committee is comprised of senior players, both pipers and drummers, who collectively have a wealth of experience and knowledge.   

2015/2016 Committee

Kevin Dugas – Chair & Secretary
Bruce Gandy - Adjudicators Testing Coordinator
James MacHattie – Piping
Roderick MacLean – Piping
Alex Gandy - Piping
Kahlil Cappucino – Drumming (Bass/Tenor)
Chris Coleman – Drumming (Snare)
Dave Coleman – Drumming (Snare)
Matt Carter - Drumming (Snare)
Jeremy Keddy – Drumming (Snare)
Rick Crawford – Chief Stewart


ACPBA Accredited Judges 2016