Strong showing from ACPBA members at MHAF Winter Storm in Kansas City.

Huge congrats to ACPBA members and affiliates for an incredibly strong showing at the MHAF Winter Storm contest in Kansas City, MI. Your region and bands are proud!! 

Full results: 


Alex Gandy - 1st place gold medal light music 

Kahlil Cappuccino - 1st place gold medal bass drumming 

James Dyson - 2nd place grade 1 light music 

Eilidh MacDonald - 4th place silver medal piobaireachd 

Bree Caldwell - 3 place grade 1 snare drumming 

(All members of the grade 1 78th Highlanders Halifax Citadel Pipe Band) 

Bhreagh MacDonald - 1st place intermediate bass drumming 

(Member of Dartmouth and District Pipe Band grade 3) 

Association members not in the prize list but who nonetheless held their own in this fierce contest include Jeremy Keddy (78th), Blaise Theriault (D & D), Karen MacLean, Heather Stone (78th), Richard King (78th) and Zach Smith (D & D)

Well done to all!!

Press Release — ACPBA Executive

Following the October 18th (2014) AGM of the Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association (ACPBA), executive members and regional representatives met via online video conference to discuss our goals and objectives as an association for the 2014-2015 year. New executive members and regional representatives were welcomed.

The following is an outline of the ACPBA’s 2014-2015 goals and objectives confirmed at the previous online meeting.

·       Form a committee to actively re-establish the ACPBA piping and drumming adjudication           system and panel to oversee the accreditation of local qualified individuals

·       To provide more ‘of interest’ content for our members and online followers

·       To plan potential 2015 workshops for bands and soloists

·       To establish ways in which the ACPBA can provide more value as an association to both           members and non-members within the Atlantic Canadian piping and drumming community

As an association, we value your insight very highly. We encourage anyone (both members and non-members of the ACPBA) to provide us with feedback regarding any of our goals. If there's content you’d be interested in seeing online and/or services you’d like to see the association providing, please let us know.

Groups have been formed from executive members and regional representatives to work together to achieve our goals.  If any individuals have interest in volunteering in order to push forward on any of our goals, again we encourage you to contact us.

We look forward to a successful and productive year for our association and for Atlantic Canadian piping and drumming! 

Below you will see a complete list of the ACPBA executive members and regional representatives:

David Kershaw – President
Kevin Dugas – Vice President
Danielle Kershaw – Secretary
Jillian Ramsay – Treasurer
Rick Crawford – Chief Steward
Lorna MacIsaac – Past President
Keith MacDonald – Cape Breton Representative
Ray Halliday – NS North Regional Representative
Tina Oliver – Metro and Valley Regional Representative
David Allison – Newfoundland Regional Representative
Jason MacLeod – New Brunswick South Regional Representative
James MacHattie – PEI Regional Representative
Kylie MacHattie – Games Liason
Nick vanOuwerkerk – Co-Chair Communications               
Amy MacKenzie – Co-Chair Communications

Share Your Story: Week 2

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Share Your Story and Win!

Over the next few weeks the Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association is inviting you to share your most memorable story from a past ACPBA event for the chance to win some excellent prizes!

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Sarah at the Sherriff: Sarah Simpson shares her experince at the 2012 George Sherriff Memorial Amateur Invitational Solo Piping Competition

Hi ACPBA Members,

I’m Sarah Simpson, a member of The College of Piping grade 3 pipe band. In November I traveled to Hamilton, Ontario, to take part in the 17th annual George Sherriff Memorial Amateur Invitational Solo Piping Competition. This competition showcases ten amateur soloists from across North America, nominated by their home associations. I was honoured to participate as a representative of the Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association. Ever since I was first aware of The Sherriff, it was a goal of mine to someday play at it.

It was really exciting when I got the invite from Bob Worrall, who puts a ton of work in to organize and facilitate this event. I was at The Northern Meeting in Inverness, just taking a break between listening to awesome piobaireachds at the time. Bob didn't have my contact information, so he sent the invitation to my piping instructors, James and Kylie MacHattie. We were all sitting together in the lobby of Eden Court Theatre when the e-mail came. That day is one of my favourite from my summer in Europe; not only did I spend the day listening to tunes from the best of the best, my goal of someday playing at The Sherriff came true.

The competition day was really exciting. I flew in to Toronto late the night before, where my friend and fellow competitor Dylan Whittemore picked me up at the airport. I spent the weekend with Dylan and his family; I really appreciate their hospitality and generosity! The day of the competition was surprisingly calm, definitely because Bob runs it so well. It was really nice to get to know the other competitors; everyone was really welcoming and helpful.

We played 6/8 marches in the morning, had pizza for lunch, played piobaireachds in the afternoon, went out for a nice supper then played MSR’s in the evening. The judges were Andy Rogers, Michael Gray and Willie Morrison. I had a good play in the piobaireachd playing Corrienessan’s Salute and was awarded third place! I was really happy to place in an event, especially since everyone played really well and it could have been anyone’s game. The sheets from all three judges were well written and constructive. They even took the time to provide feedback after the presentation of the awards, which I found very helpful. Callum Harper came out on top, with a first in the 6/8’s and MSR, and fourth in the piobaireachd, winning a sweet set of pipes and prize money to go towards travel to Scotland. I heard his MSR and it was stellar!

I’d like to thank a bunch of people, who each contributed to make my weekend possible:

  • Mom and Dad- A big thanks to my mom, Susan, and dad, Bruce. They put up with me practicing for the past 11 years, drove me to countless band practices, recitals and gigs. Without them, I wouldn't even have started piping. Thanks mum and dad!
  • The staff and faculty of The College of Piping- The College is an amazing, one of a kind facility thanks to the people who work and volunteer there. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement.
  • Doug and Debbie Hall-Doug and Debbie are the most generous people on this planet. They have a scholarship program in place which sponsors all Island youth who wish to learn Highland piping and Scottish snare drumming. They have made it possible for hundreds of Island kids to explore traditional Scottish culture while learning to appreciate music and making lifelong friends. You guys rock.
  • Bob Worrall- This event runs so smoothly because of Bob. It’s really evident how much he enjoys this event; he really puts his heart in to it. Thanks Bob!
  • The ACPBA- Without the hard work of the ACPBA, there would be no competitions, no judges, and no highland games. They really promote and advance Scottish culture in the Maritime Provinces and provide awesome opportunities for us pipers and drummers. Thank you!

I had a really awesome weekend at The Sherriff, where I made new piping friends, played good tunes and had a blast! I’m really proud to have represented the ACPBA and The College of Piping at such a prestigious event. Thanks, everyone for taking the time to read my post!

 Sarah accepting her awards for 2012 Grade 1 Overall Champion Supreme and Grade 1 Piobaireachd from Chief Steward Rick Crawford (l) and ACPBA President David Kershaw (r)

Sarah accepting her awards for 2012 Grade 1 Overall Champion Supreme and Grade 1 Piobaireachd from Chief Steward Rick Crawford (l) and ACPBA President David Kershaw (r)


Welcome to the new blog for the ACPBA!

This blog will replace the traditional ACPBA newsletter with the goal of providing more current and consistent content that is of value to ACPBA members and supporters.  Here are some of the ways we hope to use the blog to accomplish this goal:

  • Promote accomplishments and activities of member bands and individuals
  • Discuss topics and issues that are important to members
  • Allow members to engage the ACPBA through comments and questions

Regional reports from the 2012 ACPBA Annual General Meeting have already been posted to provide an update on the past year’s activities across Atlantic Canada. We would love to have suggestions for future posts from our members. Please contact Krista McLellan ( to discuss potential blog postings.

Our next post will be from Sarah Simpson of the College of Piping Pipe Band (Grade 3). Sarah will be providing a “game day” account of her time at the 2012 George Sherriff Memorial Amateur Invitational Solo Piping Competition held this past November in Hamilton, Ontario where she took home an impressive 3rd place in the piobaireachd event. Way to go Sarah!


Respectfully submitted by

Jennifer Coleman

I was honoured to be nominated as the representative for Northern New Brunswick at the 2011 AGM.  

It has been a year of mixed emotions for pipe bands and Scottish events in this part of the province.  In March of this year, the St. John River flooded in the town of Perth-Andover, home of the Southern Victoria Pipe Band (SVPB), and devastated that community.   In fact, the SVPB lost over $10,000 worth of equipment and instruments in that flood.  At the annual Gathering of the Scots on May 26, 2012 in Perth-Andover some fundraising initiatives took place to help the band replace the lost equipment and instruments.  They still haven’t raised all of the money to replace their equipment but they are dedicated group of individuals and will do what it takes to reach their goal.

The NB Highland Games were held July 27th-29th in Fredericton.  As always, the excellent group of volunteers helped ensure the Games were a success.  The NB Highland Games are always pleased to welcome bands from across the Region and New England but it’s always nice to have the Fredericton bands compete in their City.

The Fredericton & District band competed at the NB Highland Games this year and won the Grade 4 contest.  They continue to play parades and events of all kinds across the Region.  The band is very much looking forward to next season and competing at more highland games in Atlantic Canada.

The Fredericton Society of St. Andrew Pipe Band (Gr. 5) worked hard as a group and they were delighted to win their final competitive performance on the Saturday of the NB Highland Games.  Their Academy has attracted quite a few new students this year and the band is excited for the 2013 competition season.

The Fredericton Society of St. Andrew Pipe Band (Gr. 2) completed the competition season this year with a trip to Maxville and Montreal Highland Games.  The band will be travelling to Scotland in August 2012 to compete at the World Pipe Band Championships.  Fundraising has already begun and everyone is looking forward to great things happening in 2013.

I’d like to thank everyone for their help and guidance over the past year and I look forward to seeing all of you in 2013.


Submitted by Jason MacLeod


Simonds Lions Caledonia Pipe Band is an active and engaged band in the southern part of New Brunswick and is comprised of thirteen pipers, seven side drummers, and a bass drummer.         In 2012, the band has made an effort, after 20 years, to again become part of the competitive circuit by entering in Grade Four as we have a number of experienced pipers and drummers in the band.  With the decision to become more active, the band has been actively recruiting members and has had good response.  We are currently recruiting three tenor drummers and we have just added a drum major from the cadet movement in our area.

During the spring and summer of 2012, the band became members of the ACPBA.  We put together our competition tunes and developed our sound, working diligently to be able to field a band for the march medley competition at the New Brunswick Highland Games.  For 2013, our plan is to enter the Moncton Highland Games as well as the New Brunswick Highland Games with both a march medley and a medley, with an increase in games attendance again in 2014.

The band has participated in numerous parades in our area, including those in St. Martins, St. George and St. Stephen.  This year, as in 2011, we also performed a one hour, scripted concert in Grand-Bay Westfield, as part of the town's summer concert series.  We are looking to expand our appearances at such events in surrounding cities and towns in the coming year.

In all, 2012 was a transition year for the band, with increased numbers and an emphasis on recruiting and teaching; we look forward to continuing to be the senior pipe band in this part of New Brunswick.


The Kennebecasis Valley Pipes and Drums recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, in August.  Band membership has been steady around 20-22 members (including beginners) and KVPD is always welcoming to new pipers and drummers.  

The bands inaugural year was a busy one with approximately 16 public performances over the course of the year, ranging from parades, to Queen’s Diamond Jubilee  Medal presentations, to 9/11 memorial services.  The band also held its first kilted golf fundraiser in September.  The day was fun and successful.

Looking to the future, KVPD is hoping to increase membership, continue fundraising efforts to enable the purchase of kilts, and join the Atlantic Canada competition circuit in 2013.


We had a fairly typical year, in most ways, playing in local parades and other performances mostly around the province.

The highlight of the summer was a trip to the FIMMQ 2012 military music festival in Quebec City that several of our members attended in combination with musicians from the RCMP bands in Halifax, Moncton, Montreal and Ottawa, as well as one from Vancouver.  We were over 50 strong with a dance troupe and colour guard.  We participated in a week of practices, performances and a grand parade at the end of the week that was reported to have over 200,000 viewers.

We also had members in the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo and will have some in a combined RCMP band that will play the St. Paddy's Day parade in NYC in 2013.

So, a good season in all. We have updated some music for next year and are just beginning to work on that now.


The band has enjoyed another very busy 2012 season. We have participated in over 35 events such as town parades, concerts, charity events as well as various Highland Games.  The band participated in four games this year including, Moncton, Pugwash, NS, Eldon, PEI & Fredericton.  Next year, we also look forward to attending the 150th Anniversary of the Antigonish Games as well as the games in Summerside, PEI.

This year, the band has undergone a couple of major changes. First, was a name change to "8CH Moncton District P&D". This is a better reflection of who we are & where we are from. The second major change was a complete overhaul of our uniform introducing a more modern look with long sleeve shirts & colored hose, as well as vests, keeping up with current trends. We will continue to tweak our dress with new ties, sporrans and bag covers, as funding allows.

The band is currently planning for our 2013 competition season as well as hosting some in-house workshops for piping and drumming.  We have recently secured a new practice location since the military base is closing in early 2013.  We are looking forward to settling in and preparing for our upcoming season.  We currently have 20 members and are always looking for more.  If you know of anyone in the area, please give them our contact information as we would like to connect with them.

Halifax Regional Municipality Report for 2012

It was an exciting and eventful year for bands in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Dartmouth & District Pipe Band had a busy year of competing, traveling and performing. The grade 3 band competed at the Summerside, Moncton, Pugwash and Antigonish Highland Games and had a great showing at each. They then traveled to Scotland and competed at North Berwick and the World Pipe Band Championships, placing 5th and 8th respectively. This marked the first time a Dartmouth & District band has competed at the World’s. While there they also performed concert's at St. George’s Square during Piping Live! and inside Sterling Castle.

The grade 5 band competed at the Summerside, Moncton, Pugwash, Antigonish and New Brunswick Highland Games and looked and sounded great each time. Also, many members of the grade 5 band competed in solo competitions and made Dartmouth & District proud. One grade 5 drummer even traveled to Maxville to play and placed first!

The following are a few fundraisers and performances produced by Dartmouth & District during the 2011-2012 season: St. Andrew’s Day Family Ceilidh and Jigs, Reels and Beers at Durty Nelly’s, Ceilidh on the Harbour, 5k Celtic Fun Run, and Ria Mae House Concert for Scotland. All were a wonderful time and were well attended.  Dartmouth & District was also invited to perform at the Casino Kitchen Parties throughout July and August and the Raise a Little Help fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity.

Planning for 2013 is well underway and the band has already received numerous requests to take part in community events. One special event of note will be participation in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City on Saturday, March 16, 2013 as part of a larger RCMP composite pipe band.

The band welcomed several new members to its ranks in 2012 as well as welcoming back two members who had been deployed overseas with the military. It is good to have them home safe and sound.

As always, the band is recruiting for new members, so if you or someone you know is interested in making application to the band please contact Wayne Moug at or through the band website at

Prince Edward Island Regional Report 2012

The 2012 season was a busy one for PEI’s pipe bands.  For the active season the Island had 3 competitive pipe bands active.  

Belfast Pipe Band decided to come back to competition after some time away and competed in Grade 5 in Moncton and Pugwash and were right in the thick of it.  The band remains fairly active in performance across the eastern end of the Island.  They are expected to compete again in the 2013 season.

The other two bands came from the College of Piping – the Grade 5 and Grade 3 bands.  The College’s Grade 5 band had over 10 members who were brand new in a competitive pipe band.  They had a successful competitive year, forming a friendly rivalry with the other bands in the grade, particularly Dartmouth.

The Grade 3 band also had a fairly successful year in their first time in the grade for some time.  They split the season with Dartmouth when they went head to head, and another friendly rivalry was formed.  The band also traveled to Scotland and competed at North Berwick and the World Pipe Band Championships.  Highlights included performing in George Square, and holding an open practice on the steps of the National Piping Centre before a large crowd of knowledgeable pipers and drummers.  The band was pleased to win the 3b Qualifier at the Worlds and to place 5th in the final.

The College of Piping has introduced a 3rd band which plans to compete in Grade 4, composed of the more senior members of last year’s Grade 5 band.  The Grade 5 band has had an influx of new pipers and drummers and are also preparing for the 2013 season.