Atlantic Piobaireachd Challenge 2018 Results

The ACPBA would like to congratulate the College of Piping for hosting another successful Atlantic Piobaireachd Challenge this past weekend. This event was held in the College's new Celtic Performing Arts Centre, which was an excellent venue for the challenge. Congratulations to all involved. Results are posted below:


Pewter Medal

1. Reilly Green, Fredericton, NB

2. Conall Gibson, Summerside, PE

3. Aidan MacNeil, Cape Breton, NS

Copper Medal

1. Dalton Faulkner, Halifax, NS

2. Rob McKay, Summerside, PE

Bronze Medal

1. Calum MacKinnon, Fall River, NS

2.Ryan Simpson, Summerside, PE

3. Carl Brydon, Summerside, PE

Nickel Medal

1. Calum Brydon, Summerside

2. Chris MacKnight, Nova Scotia

3. Brady Webb, Clan Thompson

Silver Medal

1. Sarah Bergen

Gold Medal

1. Bruce Gandy, Dartmouth NS

2. Alex Gandy, Dartmouth NS

3. James MacHattie, Summerside

Junior Amateur Jig:

1. Calum MacKinnon

2. Dakota Shaw

3. Danielle Chiarotto

Senior Amateur Jig :

1. Brandon Gardner

2. Brady Webb

3. Calum Brydon