Press Release — ACPBA Executive

Following the October 18th (2014) AGM of the Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association (ACPBA), executive members and regional representatives met via online video conference to discuss our goals and objectives as an association for the 2014-2015 year. New executive members and regional representatives were welcomed.

The following is an outline of the ACPBA’s 2014-2015 goals and objectives confirmed at the previous online meeting.

·       Form a committee to actively re-establish the ACPBA piping and drumming adjudication           system and panel to oversee the accreditation of local qualified individuals

·       To provide more ‘of interest’ content for our members and online followers

·       To plan potential 2015 workshops for bands and soloists

·       To establish ways in which the ACPBA can provide more value as an association to both           members and non-members within the Atlantic Canadian piping and drumming community

As an association, we value your insight very highly. We encourage anyone (both members and non-members of the ACPBA) to provide us with feedback regarding any of our goals. If there's content you’d be interested in seeing online and/or services you’d like to see the association providing, please let us know.

Groups have been formed from executive members and regional representatives to work together to achieve our goals.  If any individuals have interest in volunteering in order to push forward on any of our goals, again we encourage you to contact us.

We look forward to a successful and productive year for our association and for Atlantic Canadian piping and drumming! 

Below you will see a complete list of the ACPBA executive members and regional representatives:

David Kershaw – President
Kevin Dugas – Vice President
Danielle Kershaw – Secretary
Jillian Ramsay – Treasurer
Rick Crawford – Chief Steward
Lorna MacIsaac – Past President
Keith MacDonald – Cape Breton Representative
Ray Halliday – NS North Regional Representative
Tina Oliver – Metro and Valley Regional Representative
David Allison – Newfoundland Regional Representative
Jason MacLeod – New Brunswick South Regional Representative
James MacHattie – PEI Regional Representative
Kylie MacHattie – Games Liason
Nick vanOuwerkerk – Co-Chair Communications               
Amy MacKenzie – Co-Chair Communications