Prince Edward Island Regional Report 2012

The 2012 season was a busy one for PEI’s pipe bands.  For the active season the Island had 3 competitive pipe bands active.  

Belfast Pipe Band decided to come back to competition after some time away and competed in Grade 5 in Moncton and Pugwash and were right in the thick of it.  The band remains fairly active in performance across the eastern end of the Island.  They are expected to compete again in the 2013 season.

The other two bands came from the College of Piping – the Grade 5 and Grade 3 bands.  The College’s Grade 5 band had over 10 members who were brand new in a competitive pipe band.  They had a successful competitive year, forming a friendly rivalry with the other bands in the grade, particularly Dartmouth.

The Grade 3 band also had a fairly successful year in their first time in the grade for some time.  They split the season with Dartmouth when they went head to head, and another friendly rivalry was formed.  The band also traveled to Scotland and competed at North Berwick and the World Pipe Band Championships.  Highlights included performing in George Square, and holding an open practice on the steps of the National Piping Centre before a large crowd of knowledgeable pipers and drummers.  The band was pleased to win the 3b Qualifier at the Worlds and to place 5th in the final.

The College of Piping has introduced a 3rd band which plans to compete in Grade 4, composed of the more senior members of last year’s Grade 5 band.  The Grade 5 band has had an influx of new pipers and drummers and are also preparing for the 2013 season.