The Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association oversees the piping, drumming, and pipe band competitions at events throughout the Atlantic Canadian provinces. The majority of these events take place during local Highland Games during the summer months. The association also hosts several competitions and events in the winter and spring.

An executive team made up of ACPBA members governs the association and ensures that its constitution is upheld and respected. The ACPBA is dedicated to improving all aspects of solo piping, drumming, and pipe band music. It is our goal to inspire our members to carry on the traditions of Celtic culture, and to continually raise the level of our art. 


The constitution and by-laws, the rules and regulations governing piping, drumming and pipe band competitions adopted by The Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association in October 1996. Last Revision - Annual General Meeting, October 18, 2009.  [Link]

Executive 2018-2019

Rick Crawford – President

Michael Sears - Vice President

Marla Barton – Secretary

Mike Dupuis - Membership/Treasurer*

Rick Crawford – Chief Steward

Lorna MacIsaac – Past President

Kylie MacHattie – Games Liason  

Tina Oliver – Communications

*2.2.4. Membership/Treasurer: The Membership/Treasurer shall maintain the books and records of the Association and shall maintain a bank account in which all Association monies shall be deposited. The Membership/Treasurer shall present an audited financial statement to the AGM. Signing officers of the bank account shall be decided from time to time by the Executive. The Membership/Treasurer is charged with the responsibility of maintaining all membership lists throughout the year. The incumbent of the position will also be responsible for notifying all categories of members when their membership is about to lapse


Regional Representatives 2017-2018 

Trevor Kellock – Cape Breton Representative

Ray Halliday – NS North Regional Representative

Dan Knee – Metro and Valley Regional Representative

Charlie O'Keefe – Newfoundland Regional Representative

James MacHattie – PEI Regional Representative

Colton Patterson - New Brunswick South Representative 

Denise Green - New Brunswick North Representative

Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations Governing Piping, Drumming Pipe Band Competitions.  
Adopted by The Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association (October 1996)
Last Revision – Sept 11, 2014

Documents Enclosed:
Practice Chanter Tune List, page 17
Music Board Appendix, page 18
Games Sanctioning Policy, page 19
Games Sanctioning Application, page 21

Standardized list of Events for Games Organizing Committees, page 22

Rules and Regulations.pdf

Standardized Lists

Here you will find the updated lists for the Adjudicators and the Standardized Lists.  Please put applicable Standardized lists in each of the competition folders for each solo and band competition.  These will be a reference for the judges of the ACPBA music requirements for players and will note the changes made to the music requirements effective 2015-2016 which have been bolded for your reference.

Standardized List for Solo Piping

Standardized List for Solo Drumming

Standardized List for Miscellaneous Competitions and Band Competitions